Audit the ECB



The monetary policy of the European Central Bank (ECB) has a particularly harmful impact on your purchasing power, your savings and your pension. But why is that so? And what exactly is the ECB doing?

For the general public, this is not so clear. Following the gradual reduction in interest rates to zero, the ECB began in March 2015 with a massive bonds buying program. With freshly printed money. First 60 billion per month and now already 80 billion per month.

Even for experts, it is unclear what the exact impact will be of this monetary experiment.

This must change. The ECB needs to explain and justify better how its policies will help the economies of the Member States, what the negative side effects are and how this monetary experiment can be stopped as soon as possible.

Why don't we ask the European Court of Auditors to examine the decision making proces of the ECB and to make proposals on how this can be more transparent? Why doesn't the European Commission propose changes to the statutes of the ECB so that an independent institution can make an audit of the accountability of the ECB? Why not have a thorough and independent investigation into the impact of monetary policy on banks, pension funds and the economy?

  • You lose purchasing power, your savings are being destroyed and your retirement plan is jeopardized;
  • The middle class is under pressure and inequality is on the rise;
  • The pressure on the governments to impliment reforms and put the budget in order decreases. Debts pile on.
  • The banking system is unstable and bubbles arise in our economy.

You think enough is enough? Then sign this petition

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    We, the undersigned, demand:

    • more transparency in the decision-making of the ECB;
    • an independent study on the impact of monetary policy on banks, pension funds and the economy